Southside Gallery

Glennray Tutor’s distinct style is characterized by vibrant colors and a degree of realism that surpasses photorealism to become what many have termed “hyper-realism.” He immerses his quotidian subject matter – glass jars, marbles, comic books, etc. – in over-saturated, high-contrast lighting conditions, giving them an almost tactile quality. Tutor has said that in addition to celebrating the visual attributes of objects, his work also deals with communication, narrative, and the distinction between childhood and adulthood.

Tutor (b. 1950 in Kennett, Missouri) lives and works in Oxford.  He received his MFA in Painting from the University of Mississippi in 1976. His work has appeared on the covers of books, records, and magazines, and has been featured on TV shows (Seinfeld), major films (The Blind Side) and an increasing number of online blogs. He has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions, and his work has been collected by private and corporate collectors and museums around the world.