Southside Gallery


Medium: kinetic sculptor
Spence’s mobiles are simplified models of more complex natural systems. His abstract working models do not represent each and every component of a given system. Certain features may be exaggerated. Not all elements within each assemblage are necessarily depicted at the same scale. Experienced in designing both architecture and landscape architecture, the architect turned artist enjoys making mobiles as a more fluid experimental medium for exploring nature, investigating organically adaptive systems, and visualizing evolutionary processes.
Kellum has a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture (BA 1988) as well as a Master’s Degree in Landscape Architecture (MLA 2010), both from Mississippi State University. He has participated in outdoor art festivals throughout Mississippi since 1998, enjoying frequent recognition including an occasional Best of Show award. His kinetic assemblages have been regularly featured at Southside Gallery for over twenty years.
Spence currently lives aboard a vintage wooden Wiley Mockingbird cutter with his dog Diablo. Many of his mixed-media mobiles were inspired by the flora and fauna observed along the Gulf Coast, around Mississippi’s Barrier Islands, and up and down the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway.