Southside Gallery


A botanical term distinguishing a cellular water passage from root to leaf, the xylem is at the core of a plant’s life-function. The group of artist/mothers in XYLEM, Southside Gallery’s February show, draw on this complicated dichotomy and juggling act of motherhood; the feeding from the roots while simultaneously searching for the roots. Hailing from across the country…Oregon to Illinois to Massachusetts to Minnesota to Mississippi… the artists exhibiting their work in XYLEM also work in a variety of media.


From heavily collaged table placemats commenting on feminine place-holding to vibrant acrylic paintings like bursts of joyful thought-dreams to resin-dipped blocks constructed from a patchwork of deconstructed oil paintings to etched mathematical maps revealing ethereal digitized renderings of common housework to poems hand embroidered on small, bubble-shaped quilt squares floating alone like lost stanzas, the work in XYLEM shares a common vantage point with diverse and original visions.
XYLEM will be on display at Southside Gallery from January 30 – February 27.

Posted on February 10, 2021