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Green, new paintings by Carlyle Wolfe on exhibit at Southside in August


Southside Gallery will exhibit new paintings by Carlyle Wolfe from August 8th – September 3rd. An artist’s reception is scheduled for Thursday, August 31st, 5 – 8 PM. The exhibition will feature Wolfe’s oil paintings. This is Wolfe’s seventh exhibition at Southside Gallery since 2005.


Wolfe routinely makes line drawings of plant life (her last exhibit at Southside featured one hundred line drawings dating back over fifteen years). In addition to these drawings, Wolfe records color studies. Stencils based on silhouettes from Wolfe’s drawings are used to make montage paintings. The color studies determine the palette for each painting. This process grounds Wolfe’s work in specific, detailed observation while also making space for fluidity and invention.


Green is a series of paintings that are especially intuitive. Wolfe developed several color studies from memory for this body of work. The paintings represent shorter periods of time. Wolfe describes events such as paddleboarding on a lake with friends, walking her dogs at sunset, and watching light move through foliage from a friend’s back porch as catalysts for the paintings featured in Green.


Wolfe also plans to include “shadow paintings” in the Green exhibition. Her approach to making these paintings is direct. Wolfe positions panels beneath foliage outdoors and traces shadows cast by natural light on the surface of the panels. The shadows bounce in the wind, become more and less distinct with the accumulation and drift of clouds, and change position and shape as the earth moves. Like the other paintings in Green, the “shadow paintings” are an accumulation of moments layered to create a single composition. Wolfe collects shadows from different locations and develops the paintings gradually over time. She paints the different shadows on top of one another. These paintings differ from the stencil-based paintings in that they are more minimal in design, but they carry on the theme of spontaneity.


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Posted on August 8, 2017