Southside Gallery

Southside Gallery is pleased to announce our September exhibition MESSY, new works by Ansley Givhan.

Using a variety of different mediums, Ansley playfully blends abstraction and representational imagery, creating paintings that are full of personal symbolism and exploration. Ansley currently works as a studio artist in New Orleans. She receivedĀ a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Mississippi in 2016.

Artist’s statement on MESSY by Ansley Givhan:

materials, scraps, and scribbles; collectively constructed and deconstructed in corners of my studio

traces of thoughts and relationships between objects mounted on the walls, and scattered across the floor

randomness created through action without thought

This body of work is aboutĀ process- where the true struggle of image-making exists. Formed in the liminal space that lingers between the beginning and end of a painting; these works are a byproduct of my mess. A reflection of a thriving creative environment, where I am simultaneously comforted and emboldened to execute new ideas. My mess acts as a creative incubator: a safe place where I explore my curiosity and the ongoing interaction between mind, material, and surface.

-Ansley Givhan


Posted on September 12, 2018