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April 2021: Terms of Endearment – Andrew Blanchard & New Work – Charlie Buckley


Southside Gallery is pleased to announce a two-person exhibition, “Terms of Endearment” by Andrew Blanchard and “New Work” by Charlie Buckley, for the month of April. The exhibit will be on display March 30 – May 1. An artists’ reception is scheduled for Friday, April 23.


Andrew Blanchard’s art explores the aesthetic collision of race and class through Southern vernacularisms. Roadside advertisements, church signs, homemade property trespassing warnings — almost any other imaginable means of written communication/signage are popular material for Blanchard’s collaged silk screen paintings. Literature also influences Blanchard’s work. His titles often allude to the work of Southern writers. The overt amalgamation of visual and verbal symbolism and metaphor is a primary component of his work, but an underlying subtlety exists in his compositions that mystifies and engages his audience.


Blanchard wrote about his new body of work in an artist’s statement.


Sociolinguistics, or regional forms of language, produce native tongues that comprise cultural and familial word use that bridges the gap from sweet and salty nuances of nostalgia to the evermore ironic presence of the here and now. Terminology is accrued, slang is appropriated, of which forms a unique style of storytelling. Terms, ergo, conjure about imagery that not only foster a visual narrative, but also aid in composition and a deeper sense of personal meaning. One by one, these words build upon one another to define interests, decode beliefs, and register a total picture.


To me, etymology and semantics have long been fascinating fields of study. Many of my paintings are prompted by a single word, one which might have intrigued me as a curious youth, while other idioms or bracketed word groupings may have piqued my adult sensibilities. Often these terms have regional distillations that go far beyond the innocence of consonants and vowels. Double entendre is evermore present in which religious, political, racial, societal, and literary curiosities rest below and rise just above the surface texture.


Charlie Buckley’s landscapes and “stack paintings” are visual and imaginative indulgences. Buckley is a master of color, with a palette bright and bold. His compositions, particularly his stack paintings, challenge us to look at art and our surroundings in a dramatically new way. His paintings provide commentary on conservationism and climate change.


Buckley’s artist statement reads,


These new paintings display the four general thematic subjects I’ve worked with over the past few years: Fields, Trees, Floods, and Stacks.  Focusing in on a few, the two new Stacks are the most complex images I’ve created, with the introduction of regional wildlife, vehicles of various types, patterned star charts, and found object assemblages.  Together with the Floods, I’m hoping to capture a fictional reality of a new South grappling with a changing landscape and the reorganization of communities. 


Artists’ Bios


Andrew Blanchard


Andrew Blanchard grew up wild in the swamps of Louisiana and Mississippi. The Ole Miss Art Department found him naked, removed a thorn from his paw and awarded him an MFA. To date he has avoided jail and is currently an Associate Professor at Converse College in Spartanburg, South Carolina (BD!). His work resides in the permanent collections of the Ogden Museum of Southern Art in New Orleans and the Mississippi Museum of Art in Jackson, and it is featured or forthcoming in publications including Ecotone, Electric Dirt, Printmakers Today, New American Paintings, the International Painting Annual (nos. 4 and 7), and the Oxford American, of which named him among the New Superstars of Southern Art. His work is represented by Southside Gallery in Oxford, MS, Fischer Gallery in Jackson, MS and Levee Contemporary in Princeton, WI.


Charlie Buckley


After studying at Ole Miss (BFA 2004) and Miami University (MFA 2009), Buckley taught drawing and painting at Miami, Mississippi State, and Ole Miss.  Since 2011 he has been working exclusively as a painter, and is represented by Fischer Galleries in Jackson, Southside Gallery in Oxford, and The Arts Company in Nashville. Charlie’s work was recently on display in the Bicentennial exhibition at the Mississippi Museum of Art, “Mississippi, Land of Plenty, Pain, and Promise” and participated in the 2019 Mississippi Invitational at the MMA.  A two-time fellow in Visual Arts from the Mississippi Arts Commission, Charlie has also been awarded the Visual Arts award from the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters.  He is in the collection of the Walton Family Foundation, Bank Plus, The Graduate, the Community Development Foundation, Metropolitan Bank, The Arkansas Children’s Hospital, The University of Mississippi, Baptist Memorial Hospital, and more.


Charlie lives in Tupelo with his wife Amber and daughter Jane.

Posted on April 6, 2021