Southside Gallery

2021 Spring

February 2 – February 27


Lauren Scott Corwin, Coulter Fussell, Jessica Kitzman, Anna McKeown, Victoria Smits, and Aremy Stewart


March 2 – March 27

FISH Group Exhibition


March 30 – May 1

Andrew Blanchard and Charlie Buckley


May 3 – May 26

Joseph Holsapple, Joe Morzuch, Neil Callander, Erin Raedeke, Sara Pedigo, Edmond Praybe, Amy Scherer, Christina Renfer Vogel, Samantha Haring, Tim Kennedy, Eve Mansdorf, Philip R. Jackson, and Tom Walton


May 27 – June 5

PLEIN AIR Student exhibition — featuring plein air paintings by Philip R. Jackson and his Summer class